iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone battery struggling?

If it discharges quickly, wont charge to 100% or turns off before the battery reaches 0%, this is the repair for you. After the installation of a new OEM graded battery replacement, your phone will perform like new.


  • POSTAL REPAIR (24hr turnaround)

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From: £40.00

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Repaired by Call-out or Mail-in

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  • Your device repaired at your local location in our mobile repair facility
  • Turnaround time less than 1 hour in 99% of cases
  • Highly competitive pricing with repair shops
  • Avoid the trek into a town repair shop
  • No advance payment
  • Warranty
  • 100s of satisfied customers


  • Returned to you within days not weeks
  • Next day delivery after the repair
  • Covers the whole of the UK
  • Comprehensive Warranty

iPhone battery replacement replacement.

This repair resolves any of the following issues.

  • Battery struggling to hold charge
  • Discharging faster than expected
  • Battery getting warm

During your repair as part of our service not only do we factory reseal your device after repair but we also clean all speakers and charging ports.

Is my data going to be lost?
You will be happy to know we don’t require you to reset your device, your data is perfectly safe and we don’t even require your PIN for testing.

Is this an original iPhone battery replacement replacement?
Transparency is at the core of what we do so to answer this question simply, no it is not. You may see or hear the word “original” used frequently throughout shops, however Apple simply does not supply products to third party companies, so anyone using this description will be untruthful. It is advised to take caution around companies saying they offer Apple original batteries as only Apple or an ASP are able to do so which then comes at Apple’s very high price tag. This said from time to time we do get hold of originals but unless specified on the product it will be an aftermarket battery.

We are a leading company in the UK who specialise in repairing phones! So when it comes to replacing your iPhone battery replacement simply put there isn’t anyone more qualified. Like so many others we don’t get cheap parts from China. Having tested hundreds of iPhone battery replacements over the years we know ours are the highest match to an Apple original battery whilst being equally as durable. These premium grade lines are made to the same OEM specifications as the originals.

Important Battery Message:
After the iPhone X, Apple incorporated a temporary message post repair, that Apple calls an ‘Important Battery Message’, this appears on the Lock Screen for 4 days after the repair. The message says that Apple is ‘unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery’. This doesn’t affect the usage of the iPhone in any way. This message appears even when a genuine Apple battery is used and is just a ploy by Apple to promote the use of their own battery repair service. See Apple’s Paired Component Messages for more information.