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Why wait days and pay more? We offer fast, affordable screen repair solutions that prioritise both your time and budget. Call us for a quick and cost-effective screen repair for your mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Screen Repairs

We’d like to bet that when your mobile phone screen suddenly breaks or lets you down technically, there are 3 things that go through your mind

What’s exactly wrong (if it isn’t obvious)
How much (will a repair cost) 
How long (will a repair take)

Closely followed by

How will I get by without it?

We understand and that’s why Mobile Screen Fix aims to solve all those screen problems in one go. We aim to get your mobile phone screen repair done in the most efficient way possible.

Why us?

  • We’re Fast – For Mobile Screen Fix phone screen repair we come to you so no long trip to the post office and boxing up your phone, only to be told it could be a week or more. Nor that trudge into town to a repair shop on a wet day!
  • What’s Wrong – We diagnose the screen problem at your home or premises and then advise what the issues are.


  • How Much – We give open and transparent quoting on the repair and parts cost. More importantly, if you’re happy we get to work there and then in our mobile tech centre.

So if you think of a better, more convenient, faster way for a cell phone screen repair then tell us because we know that our way means you never have to be without your phone and your online life for very long at all. In today’s world that really matters.

Best of all – if we can’t repair your phone then you don’t pay. Simple.

Can’t be phoneless? Swift repairs, minimal disruption. repaired within 60 mins

No Fix, No Fee
if we can’t repair your screen then you don’t have to pay – it’s simple!


IS It Worth FIxing A Cell Phone Screen?

If your mobile device screen has just failed or been damaged then you may be asking yourself just that question. Or even ‘can a mobile phone screen be replaced?’ The answer is normally ‘Yes’!

Cracked or broken phone screens are a major problem at any time. Think about it – your mobile phone is absolutely. U essential for work social life, entertainment, organisation and more. With a damaged screen, even basic jobs can become difficult and frustrating.

Imagine how convenient it would be to get your cell phone screen repaired at your home or other premises.

Cost-effective and a great time-saver, our service comes to you. We realise how essential a working phone is so our techs aim to get your device up and working again within 60 minutes of arrival. All using high-quality parts without breaking the bank.

Get in touch – the cost and convenience may surprise you and you’ll definitely be saved from suffering the costlier, more inconvenient alternatives.

Great Screen Repairs – OUr CUSTOMERS Agree!

Phone Screen Repair FAQs

Prices to repair a mobile phone screen can vary massively due to differences in technology’s used. For example, LCD based phone screens can be repaired for as little as £50. Whereas high end models use Soft OLED/Amoled technology which can push the price up-to £200-£300. 

The simple answer is yes. Modern phone screens are a bonded combination of glass, digitiser(touchscreen) and a display panel. These are all bonded together with layers of OCA (optically clear adhesive) through a lamination process. Whilst it is possible through specialist technology to remove one layer such as the glass and replace it, in our opinion it’s not worth it. This is due to the aggressive process of assembly that it has to be subjected to.

Yes, and it’s something we recommend regularly to our customers if repair isn’t an option. However, we don’t recommend tempered glass for this as air can get trapped between the cracks affecting the touch sensitively. The best option is a hydrogel screen protector. They are a flexible gel and will contour to the phone’s glass. Not only will this extend the screen’s lifespan by keeping it all together but will prevent you from being cut every time you use it.

As the name suggests, here at Mobile Screen Fix we specialise in this with the average phone screen repair taking under 40 mins. 

In the majority of cases, it’s often more cost-efficient to repair your phone screen than buy a new phone and far better for the environment. There are a few exceptions to this. When using a genuine Samsung part often the older AMOLED-based phones such as the Samsung S8 and S9 may be more than a reconditioned phone of the same model. 

The terms ‘phone screen repair’ and ‘phone screen replacement’ get used interchangeably all the time. In the vast majority of cases, it’s not possible to repair a mobile phone screen due to the complexity of modern smartphone screens leaving replacement the only option. 

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Other Service Locations

We also offer mobile phone screen repairs in these areas

phone screen repair send in service

Home Repair INCOnvenient? TRY OUr Send-In Service.

If you’re not within a workable distance for our drive to your door service then you can always send your mobile phone to us through the mail.

Our send-in service ensures you get a fast repair and turnaround so your phone is back with you quickly. Find out more here.