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By far the cheapest and most convenient way to have your mobile phone screen repaired, would 100% recommend!

Douglas Gilbert | Redditch


Fast, efficient and affordable whats not to like. Thank you so much for my repair Mobile Screen Fix.

James Houghton | Redditch

Redditch‘s Phone Screen Call Out Repair Service

Do you have a broken or cracked iPhone or Samsung mobile and looking for phone screen repair in Redditch? At Mobile Screen Fix we have been providing our mobile call our service to Redditch and surrounding areas such as Studley, Mappleborough Green, Alcester for some time now. Why not take advantage by having the phone screen repair in Redditch come to you!

Mobile Screen Fix have built their business model around providing same day service using our modified mobile screen repair vans. This enables our customers to carry on about their day with most repairs typically taking less than 1 hour. Using only the highest quality parts, we are so proud of our workmanship that all our clients are covered by our free warranty.

Inside our mobile workshop repairing phone screens

Why use the screen replacement home service?

About Mobile Screen Fix

With ever newer mobile phones packing more and more features, whether they are used for business or pleasure, it’s pretty safe to say, for most, our modern day lives can depend on them. If you are unfortunate enough to have broken or cracked the display, day to day productivity can grind to a halt.

Traditionally in Redditch there were 2 solutions to this problem. You could claim on your insurance and have a replacement handset (more often than not a refurbished handset), causing you the inconvenience of having to back up all your existing data. Alternatively, you could have your phone repaired by a high street shop or send your device away, both of which can take several days.

At Mobile Screen Fix, we feel this can drastically be improved upon which is why we now provide phone screen repairs in Redditch and surrounding areas. We believe repairs should be completed on your terms which is why we created our mobile screen repair vans. This facility enables us to bring the phone screen repairs in Redditch directly to any location you require whether this be your home address, work address or anywhere else that would suit. Typically, most repairs are completed within 1 hour enabling you to get back up and running in as short a time frame as possible. For peace of mind, we only use the highest quality parts and all our work is backed by our free warranty.

Repairing a Phone Screen Picture
Mobile Screen Fix for business needs

Business Repair Solutions

With communication been at the heart of all businesses, keeping your employees connected is vital for peak workflow. Having a broken phone screen can really be a hindrance and Mobile Screen Fix are here to support your business should the unfortunate happen.

Using our mobile screen repair vans, we provide phone screen repairs in Redditch  on iPhone and Samsung handsets at a location that’s convenient for you. Enabling your employees to be at their best in as quick a time as possible.

We do not tie businesses into long term monthly contracts for services they may or may not need, as the customer, you decide when you need us with no hidden charges.

All of our phone screen work is backed up with our free warranty using only and better still we only use the very highest quality parts.


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We can come to your home image.

Step 1 – Pick your replacement screen

Mobile Screen Fix stock the latest Samsung and iPhones screens.

Book an appointment

Step 2 – Book your repair

Once submitted through our shop a member of team will be in touch within the hour to book your appointment.

Mobile Workshop that comes to you.

Step 3 – Mobile Screen Fix comes to you in Redditch

All we need is a place to park and you don’t pay a penny until you are satisfied.

Examples of phone repairs in Redditch

Examples of phone screen repairs in Redditch and surrounding districts of Studley, Mappleborough Green and Alcester .

Other districts in Redditch we cover

Abbeydale, Astwood, Batchley, Brockhill, Callow Hill, Church Green, Church Hill, Crabbs Cross, Enfield, Feckenham, Greenlands, Headless Cross, Hunt End, Ipsley, Lakeside, Lodge Park, Matchborough, Moons Moat, Oakenshaw, Oakenshaw South, Park Farm, Riverside, Smallwood, Southcrest, St Georges, Walkwood, Washford, Webheath, Winyates, Wire Hill and Woodrow


  • How much does it cost to repair a phone screen in Redditch?

    Repair costs vary and this is largely due to the constantly evolving technologies that are used in more recent Samsung and iPhones. Prices can range from £80 to £180 for more recent devices.

  • How long does it take to repair a phone screen?

    At Mobile screen fix at no additional cost, we come to you ! and are usually able to book you in within 24 hours. All repairs are carried out within one hour.

  • How do you repair my phone screen and what components do you use?

    Using one of our mobile tech centres we come to you in Redditch saving you the hassle of having to travel to your local repair shop. We repair your device with only high standard the highest quality components.

  • Does my phone screen repair come with a warranty?

    Yes, all Mobile Screen Fix repairs come with our free warranty.