Supporting the elderly and vulnerable 

Here at Mobile Screen Fix we want to support elderly and vulnerable persons. So should the worst happen and you break your mobile phone we will do whatever we can to ensure you are up and running as quickly as possible.

We understand how challenging it can be for some people to travel to their local high street and stand around for hours or worse still having to do that same trip the next day to collect it, so why not use Mobile Screen Fix a same day repair service which comes to you?

Elderly Lady with Mobile Phone

So how can we help?

We offer two types of super fast repair options. Our door to door call-out repair and for those not within one of our call-out regions a 24hr postal repair.

Simply book your repair online via our website or if easier drop us a call and we can do this for you:

Repair Enquiry: 0208 914 7885

phone repair Bromley van

Call-Out Repairs


  1. We will provide you with a priority timeslot at a time that suits you.
  2. On our arrival we will complete the repair within 60 mins in one of our Mobile Tech Centres
  3. We will then bring it back to you for testing and post-repair sign-off
  4. Payment can be processed via card so you don’t even need to to leave your home!

Postal Repairs


  1. After submission you will receive an email with instructions on where to send the device.
  2. If sent via Royal Mail’s special delivery we will receive it the next day
  3. On its arrival we will prioritise your repair to be completed with in 4 hrs 
  4. Once repaired & tested we will have it sent immediately back to you via the same method.
  5. Once satisfied payment can be made via Bank Transfer, PayPal or a secure link its totally your preference.
Postal Repair Mobile Screen Fix

we come to you

premium parts

warranty included

peace of mind

Better Still!

As of June 2023 not only will we prioritise your repair but we are offering a 10% discount to all repairs and services.

To redeem use the discount code: MSFV10 at the checkout.

This an ongoing pledge to support the elderly and vulnerable community (not a short term promotion).

We hope this goes someway to making the process of repairing your mobile phone that little bit easier.

Warmest regards 

Paul Clinton