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Your Mobile Device Repair Service For Croydon

Gone are the days of having to leave your home and travel to your local phone repair shop.

Now we offer iPhone, Samsung and other brand repairs at your home or chosen location through our mobile phone call out service.

Convenience is at the core of our business, providing our clients with door to door call out phone screen and other mobile repairs in the Croydon area. Damaging our phone screens is, unfortunately, an unavoidable and inevitable part of life.

Until now it’s always been time-consuming and expensive to repair.

We solve this through our service, Mobile Screen Fix. 

With our mobile repair centre, we offer Croydon area repair to you that’s direct to your door (or other nominated location). Our goal is to fix your iPhone, Samsung screen or other cell phone fault in under 1hr. Operating remotely allows us to pass the associated costs with having a local repair shop to you, the client.

So, besides getting great value for your money, you’ll never be faced with the hassle of taking your cracked screed, dead battery, camera, speaker or other issue to a repair shop.

image of a cell phone with case open.
image of a battery being removed from a cell phone

Just 3 Easy Steps To The Process

We can come to your home image.

Step 1 – Pick your replacement screen or other part

In our shop, Mobile Screen Fix stock the latest Samsung and iPhone screens, batteries and other mobile parts. Select your repair in our shop.

Book an appointment

Step 2 – Book your repair

Once submitted through our shop, a member of our team will be in touch, within the hour, to book your appointment and location. 

Mobile Workshop that comes to you.

Step 3 – In Croydon, Mobile Screen Fix comes to you

All we need is a place to park our mobile repair centre. It’s simple and, better still, you don’t pay a penny until you are satisfied.

Why Our Croydon Home Phone Repair Service Is A Great Choice

Quick Select Common Repair Options

Samsung Repairs

Samsung A Range Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy A22 Screen Replacement

From: £90.00

Samsung A Range Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy A12 Screen Replacement

From: £85.00

Samsung A Range Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy A35 Screen Replacement

From: £120.00

Samsung A Range Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy A51 5g Screen Replacement

From: £110.00

iPhone Repairs

iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhone XS Screen Repair

From: £70.00

iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhone XS Max Screen Repair

From: £75.00

iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhone X Screen Repair

From: £70.00

iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhone XR Screen Repair

From: £65.00

Phone Battery Replacements

Samsung Battery Replacement

Samsung Battery Replacement

From: £50.00

Our Range Of Available Croydon Services

About Mobile Screen Fix

Over recent years we have seen phone screen repair costs in Croydon regulary increasing as flagship models continue to innovate. This can put individuals with cracked iPhone screens or smashed Samsung screens in a situation where the cost of repair can be a substantial. As a result, this can leave you with having to claim through phone insurance, which can be timely and again costly as insurance excess’ also continue to rise.

In an effort to bridge the gap, we took the bold move to no longer operate from traditional store fronts. We no longer feel it necessary for you to search for “screen fixing near me”. Instead, we now come to you using our call out phone screen repair service that also offers battery replacement and other faulty phone fixes. We specialise in delivering mobile screen repairs for iPhone, Samsung and most other popular brands and models in Croydon.

Not only does this dramatically reduce our expenses which we can then pass on to our customers but it enables us to provide fast same day service at the best price guaranteed. Without you having to leave your home or place of work. On top of all this, you aren’t without your phone for an extended period of time. Most repairs can be completed within the hour!

At Mobile Screen Fix, we aim to provide phone screen replacement and other repairs using only the highest quality parts and service. Easy, quick and with no hassle.

Mobile Screen Fix for business needs

Croydon Business Repair Solutions

Having a mobile phone screen damaged can bring business productivity to a standstill.

Keep your employees well-connected and your workforce running like a well-oiled machine by letting Mobile Screen Fix bring the phone repair shop to you. We already offer our phone screen and other repairs in Croydon to several businesses and would be glad to do the same for yours.

By specialising in Croydon enterprise Samsung and iPhone Screen and other repairs, we’re able to provide you with the highest standard of repairs and replacements at affordable prices, using only the highest quality parts and service.

Of course we don’t stop there – we offer enterprise repair solutions for replacement batteries, charge port repairs, camera fixes and speaker fault resolution. We also offer iPad tablet repair services and data recovery from most popular phones or tablets.

Let us bring screen and phone fixing to you and allow your workforce to be as productive as possible with minimal downtime.

Contact us for business solutions

Croydon Repair Examples

Large Croydon Boroughs We Serve 

Croydon And Technology Use

A lively, bustling area south of London, Croydon is an area with a large appetite for mobile technology. Considered a local government district of Greater London, Croydon is well supplied by a modern mobile phone and internet infrastructure focused on 4G comms. Croydon cell coverage is excellent.

As a result of this coverage, mobile device use has grown rapidly in the area and is used for both leisure and business. A town with a long history, this modern explosion in technology has lead to an increasing demand for repair services. For Mobile Screen Fix, this has meant keeping our screen fix pricing low and competitive while expanding our range of repair services.

This continues and we are proud to offer our range of services to the communities of Croydon and surrounding areas (see below).

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Mobile Screen Fix Croydon Area Coverage

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Other Areas Where We Operate

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