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Don’t waste time and money on mobile battery replacement. Our affordable battery swap service respects your busy schedule and budget. Stop putting up with shipment delays and inflated costs. Contact us now for a quick, budget-friendly mobile battery replacement.

Phone REPAIR – battery replacement

If you’re a demanding mobile user then you’ll be all too familiar with watching your battery charge go down or seeing the battery not charging. The older your battery, the faster it happens and the shorter the time you get efficient use from your mobile.

Of course, given how so much of our lives depend on our phones, the thought of having to send it off or make that journey to town really doesn’t appeal.

We know, because we’ve done it…and in the rain!. Imagine if a trained tech could come to your home or premises and swap over your battery in our mobile tech centre within an hour.

Well, we thought so too which is why Mobile Screen Fix is such a popular and surprisingly cost-effective service for busy cusotmers and people on the go.


  • We’re quick – we come to your place of choice, so sparing you that send-off or town trip!
  • The problem – we diagnose the issue with your battery (if it is the battery) in our mobile tech centre at your premises and then what the issue and best course of action is.
  • The cost – iPhone repairs, Samsung repairs or any other make – there are no hidden charges with us. It’s all transparent and upfront. What’s more, if you’re happy then we get to work there and then.

Still fancy that trudge into town or boxing up your device for a mobile phone repair?

No, we thought not and the really great thing about the Mobile Screen Fix battery replacement service is that if we can’t sort out your battery issue then you don’t pay. Simple.

Can’t be phoneless? Swift BATTERY SWAPS, minimal disruption. WORKING within 60 mins

No Fix, No Fee
if we can’t SORT YOUR BATTERY ISSUE then you don’t have to pay – YES, THAT’S IT!



Most definitely ‘Yes’. Because we learn to live with tech problems you may be surprised at the difference a replacement battery in your can make! Getting your battery replaced quickly and easily can be a lifesaver.

Is your battery not charging or not holding a charge? Our mobile phone battery replacement service comes to you. Because we know just how disruptive a dying battery can be, our tech experts look to swap out your battery in our mobile tech centre within 60 minutes of arriving. This convenient on-site service means minimal disruption to your day.

New high-capacity replacement mobile batteries and proper device installation means your battery life will be restored. No need to replace the whole unit or go without while mailing it away for service. We offer competitive pricing too, saving you money compared to buying a brand-new phone or going through a dealer.

The good thing is that with our mobile phone repairs we can normally get your battery replaced without you having to go a day without it. Or breaking the bank!

We may well be near you. Contact us to book and schedule an appointment. Breathe new life into your device with a fresh, long-lasting battery.


Top power cell changeover – Our CUSTOMERS Agree!

Battery Problem FAQs

The average life of a device mobile battery can vary between 2-5 years dependant on numerous environmental variables such as usage & charging habits.

You can expect to pay between £40 – £70 for a premium aftermarket battery and £50 – £100 for new genuine replacement.

Symptoms can include (but are not limited to), charging or discharging faster than expected, the device getting warm or having to charge more than once a day.

Interested in phone repairing? The answer is No – this should only be completed by a trained phone technician. Lithium can be highly dangerous and ensuring your new battery is installed correctly should be of the highest priority.

It is possible to jump-start a fully depleted battery externally to enable a phone boot-up. However, when the lithium of the phone battery is underperforming or damaged its life has come to an end with only one option – a replacement battery.

Online is the place to look but you will tend to find repair shops. Good as they are, these services aren’t as convenient as having Mobile Screen Fix technicians come to your door to replace your mobile phone battery. OUr rpeair service comes to you so that’s as near you as it’s possible to get. Imagine the time-saving and convenience of a ‘to your door repair’ and job completion usually in under 60 minutes. 

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Other Areas We Service

We also offer mobile phone battery replacements here

phone screen repair send in service


If we’re not a viable distance from your home or premises then mailing in your mobile phone is another option.

Using our mail-in service means a fast and efficient battery replacement with a quick turnaround. So you get your device back quickly. Find out more here.