Best protection for your mobile screen

Samsung defender case - Mobile Screen Fix

The newer mobile phones on the market are amazing though they are they still have one big flaw — their phone screens are still way too easy to scratch and crack! Given the cost of fixing an iPhone screen, for example, we’ll show you all the ways you can protect your screen, from simple screen protectors, cases and complete covers. Detailing the best protection for your mobile screen. We’ll start with the most protective options and ones we would personally recommend at Mobile Screen Fix.

1. Recommended: Tempered glass screen protectors

Without question at Mobile Screen Fix this is our personal favourite when it comes to proving all around screen protection, the tempered glass screen protector. These slim slabs of glass offer incredible scratch protection, and they’re both easier to install and longer-lasting than film-based screen protectors. Yes they are more expensive but you will find they are worth every penny and stand up to most rigorous tests.

Tempered glass screen protectors have become massively popular over the past year, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Our recommended tempered glass screen protector are the Olixar range found on their homepage, although also available via Amazon too.

2.Cases with built-in screen protectors

Tempered glass is great but its only going to protect the screen right! So One of the easiest and most effective options to protect your iPhone’s screen is a case that just includes a built-in screen protector. These are often found in tough cases, which also tend to boast excellent drop protection and sometimes even water resistance. Keep in mind though these tend to be a little bigger to hold which isn’t to everyone’s taste. The best ones through our testing are the defender series from Otterbox as pictured above.

3. Flip / folio cases

As of the time of writing this article this is the case i currently have protecting my S10+. Its great if you want good screen protection without a screen protector, why not pick up a flip cover or folio case? These types of cases completely cover the screen while the phone isn’t in use, helping to prevent scratches and cracks. I personally prefer them as they don’t look as military as the Otterbox types, but it is totally a aesthetic thing for me. You’ll also often find convenient credit card slots, stands and other helpful features in cases like this. Keeping this in mind, the only issue i have with using credit cards in these cases is when opened the phone is constantly attempting to read the NFC chip on the card and alerting you, can get annoying at times. I’ve had several Folio cases over the years and for me its D30’s Gear 4 range all day long. Robust, stylish and available in many colours. I’ve linked the company below for further information but they are available to almost everywhere on the internet.

4. Film-based screen protectors

When you say ‘screen protection’, this is what most people will think of: a slim piece of plastic film, designed to take scratches and other damage so your screen won’t have to. Its hard to recommend just one film phone screen protector as they all do pretty much the same job. These screen protectors are very cheap to buy and add minimal bulk, but recently more durable tempered glass screen protectors have become more popular. They are inexpensive and like with most things in life you get what you pay for. We have only tested a few manufacturers and had Olixar to hand.

5. Cases with a raised lip

Finally we come to our last review. If you don’t want the hassle of installing a screen protector (or asking a friend with steady hands to do it), then choosing a case with a raised lip around the screen is a good next-best step. As long as the case extends beyond the screen by a few millimetres, you should be able to avoid any impacts where the the phone has come down on its side, but that is where the screen protection ends. The lip could provide a little scratch resistance when dragged over grainy surfaces like the pavement but its no guarantee. To be honest for what you pay for these, its worth spending the extra 10 pounds and getting one of the above suggestions.

Thank you for taking time to read our post on the best protection for your mobile phone screen and we hope you found it useful. If you have any queries, questions or a broken phone screen please don’t hesitate to contact us.