About Mobile Screen Fix

Message from the Owners

My name is Paul Clinton and with my brother John we own Mobile Screen Fix. To give you some sort of background of who we are and why we built this company I’ll start at the beginning. Both of us have come from a background of technology. Myself, a computer engineer and web developer and John, a network and electronics engineer.

The penny didn’t drop instantly with this business and it took many broken and cracked screens to realise there must have been a better way to repair devices other than taking them to a shop in our local town and hand them to someone who’s experience was questionable to say the least. It always seemed expensive! and truth be known with the newer handsets this is still something to this day that’s hard to avoid as the single most expensive component of a mobile phone are the amazing screens that they come with. However if i’m going to pay money to have my phone screen repaired i want it done right and by someone who isn’t going to use counterfeit components and inadequate tools.

The only other option is claiming on insurance, if of course you have it! In the unlikely event you do the excesses can be as much as £100 on top of your monthly payments with waiting times of up to one week for repairs.

We thought long and hard about this problem and where the High St phone shop costs were coming from. So we went direct to the wholesalers and if we purchased phone screens in bulk and didn’t commit to a shop lease we could pass this very saving onto our customers as we believed with the right equipment these repairs could be completed on the move in one of our now called “Mobile Tech Centres”.

So now with the purchase of some pretty impressive equipment we can not only offer a better screen replacement with the highest quality components but at a cheaper price than any high street phone shop but we can come to you, saving you time!

Our promise

The single most important part of our business is our reputation and for both myself and John it’s a matter of pride. This is why we offer our warranty with all repaired devices because we are that confident.

I’m not going to say this came easy, it’s taken many years of experience evolving our techniques and practices. After all if it was that easy Samsung and iPhone repair centres wouldn’t exist. However, we only use the very best quality components and chemicals alongside our cutting edge equipment.

So our promise to you is this, if you drop, break or smash your phone screen we can bring it back to life as good as the first day you opened the box.